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159 Displaying tabs as characters 2015-02-05T13:39:09.987

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108 Is it possible to split Vim window to view multiple files at once? 2015-02-03T17:51:30.750

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105 How do I delete a large block of text without counting the lines? 2015-02-19T06:50:06.823

100 Other ways to exit Insert mode besides Escape 2015-02-04T13:47:02.420

96 Is there a way to count the number of occurrences of a word in a file? 2015-02-03T18:31:11.553

94 How to edit binary files with Vim? 2015-02-04T18:56:02.653

93 What is the purpose of swap files? 2015-02-03T21:29:33.360

93 How do I jump to the location of my last edit? 2015-02-19T22:02:36.473

92 How to debug a mapping? 2016-05-10T13:52:46.640

90 How do I debug my vimrc file? 2015-02-19T22:08:02.847

87 How can I clear word highlighting in the current document (e.g. such as after searching for a word)? 2015-02-03T21:52:34.083

85 How to join lines without producing a space? 2015-02-05T17:33:40.370

85 Exit from Terminal mode in Neovim/Vim 8 2015-09-29T22:44:18.333

82 How can I show relative line numbers? 2015-02-03T16:54:26.737

81 How can I find out what <Leader> is set to? And is it possible to remap <Leader>? 2015-02-04T09:29:24.503

81 How can I easily move a line? 2015-03-21T19:41:12.323

80 what is the command for "Select All" in vim and VsVim? 2016-07-31T04:25:09.533

78 How to execute shell commands silently? 2015-02-19T10:33:54.627

78 Close and unload a buffer without exiting Vim 2015-04-25T04:36:49.577

78 Is there an easy way to close a scratch buffer/preview window? 2015-07-29T00:58:58.273

73 List known filetypes 2015-12-09T20:10:58.093

73 How can I yank (copy) the single character on which the cursor rests? 2015-12-12T22:21:27.230

72 How do I fix the status bar symbols in the Airline plugin? 2015-05-22T05:33:57.393

69 How to save window, split, and buffer layout? 2015-02-04T10:07:32.493

67 How to find and replace in Vim without having to type the original word? 2017-09-25T19:50:48.783

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64 Open filename under cursor like gf, but in a new tab (or split)? 2015-05-22T11:43:34.070

63 Is it possible to have vim auto-complete function names, variables, etc. when using it to program? 2015-02-03T17:30:57.097

63 How to open multiple files in split mode? 2015-02-12T16:12:23.287

62 How can I integrate gdb with Vim? 2015-02-20T10:29:56.047

62 Why does vim use hjkl for cursor keys? 2016-08-23T11:53:19.970

61 Fastest way to switch to a buffer in vim? 2015-02-23T12:17:56.333

58 How to add indentation guides/lines 2015-02-09T22:16:49.227

57 How can I get vim to stop putting comments in front of new lines? 2015-02-19T16:38:23.630

56 How much money has been raised for needy children in Uganda from Vim? 2015-02-07T08:20:01.310


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