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331 Did the Big Bang happen at a point? 2014-09-23T10:03:58.110

309 Book recommendations 2011-07-12T06:04:21.747

307 Do we know why there is a speed limit in our universe? 2016-01-20T17:07:17.560

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283 Why don't metals bond when touched together? 2013-11-19T18:29:00.520

282 What is Chirped Pulse Amplification, and why is it important enough to warrant a Nobel Prize? 2018-10-02T17:27:32.137

281 Why do ballpoint pens write better on pages that have pages below them? 2017-10-08T13:39:06.593

263 Why does kinetic energy increase quadratically, not linearly, with speed? 2010-11-10T23:59:43.297

258 What really allows airplanes to fly? 2010-11-06T03:23:18.563

252 Why are four-legged chairs so common? 2016-01-20T15:58:46.377

251 If I sliced the universe in half, would the slice go through a star? 2018-02-26T12:15:12.960

246 Don't heavier objects actually fall faster because they exert their own gravity? 2011-01-21T20:10:15.837

236 How do towels stay on hooks? 2018-01-23T21:10:25.330

221 What exactly is a photon? 2016-08-07T10:27:03.637

214 Does Earth really have two high-tide bulges on opposite sides? 2014-06-25T21:59:42.257

205 Strange ice found in my garden 2018-02-22T09:58:09.703

204 Why is the detection of gravitational waves so significant? 2016-02-11T14:18:42.637

199 Surviving under water in air bubble 2013-06-13T21:56:04.640

193 Why do we bend a book to keep it straight? 2019-04-16T08:11:33.387

185 If photons have no mass, how can they have momentum? 2010-12-24T13:17:10.747

184 Why doesn't matter pass through other matter if atoms are 99.999% empty space? 2014-07-14T19:36:10.020

179 Are units of angle really dimensionless? 2016-04-27T00:54:45.537

177 Why does space expansion not expand matter? 2010-12-21T03:59:29.420

174 Why does NASA use gold foil on equipment and gold-coated visors? 2013-08-17T11:03:26.700

174 When separating an Oreo cookie, why does the cream stick to just one side only? 2017-05-31T20:24:18.367

171 Why don't electrons crash into the nuclei they "orbit"? 2012-01-25T15:04:37.523

171 How does a knife cut things at the atomic level? 2014-09-05T18:09:07.077

171 Why is Google's quantum supremacy experiment impressive? 2019-10-30T16:44:39.453

166 Why do we not have spin greater than 2? 2011-09-21T13:36:34.750

164 How do moving charges produce magnetic fields? 2013-05-21T10:00:06.963

164 Why do we actually see the sun? 2013-07-03T19:52:25.150

164 Could Legolas actually see that far? 2014-07-02T16:54:49.210

162 Gauge symmetry is not a symmetry? 2011-08-23T02:48:20.713

160 Why do shadows from the sun join each other when near enough? 2014-01-18T15:15:04.017

157 What's the point of Hamiltonian mechanics? 2013-12-05T02:12:58.430

156 Why does Stephen Hawking say black holes don't exist? 2014-01-26T15:44:30.467

154 How do I explain to a six year old why people on the other side of the Earth don't fall off? 2014-01-20T13:29:55.347

154 Why do sunbeams diverge even though the sun is much more than a few kilometers away? 2014-12-25T11:14:54.877

153 Why does holding something up cost energy while no work is being done? 2010-12-16T10:30:17.663

153 Given Newton's third law, why are things capable of moving? 2012-12-01T22:41:32.593

152 Simple check for the global shape of the Earth 2018-10-15T06:46:21.803

151 Why are the harmonics of a piano tone not multiples of the base frequency? 2016-07-17T16:45:32.343

150 What makes a theory "Quantum"? 2018-04-04T18:54:42.803

148 Why are the wet patches on these floor tiles circular? 2018-03-03T22:04:19.710

147 Why is nuclear waste more dangerous than the original nuclear fuel? 2016-11-16T02:55:13.973


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