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110 In the stock market, why is the "open" price value never the same as previous day's "close"? 2010-09-23T14:18:41.447

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107 Why is stock dilution legal? 2016-01-22T17:23:46.213

105 Scamming an investor by offering a quick sale of a property at her named price 2017-12-13T15:06:46.273

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100 Debt collector has wrong person and is contacting my employer 2016-04-11T20:03:00.187

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95 How do scammers retract money, while you can’t? 2019-03-27T13:38:35.490

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94 When someone's ability to pay is suspect, why would it make sense to give them more expensive credit? 2018-08-14T15:11:37.893

94 Found old paper shares of Motorola Inc that has since been broken up 2019-07-20T16:10:12.557

93 Can saving/investing 15% of your income starting age 25, likely make you a millionaire? 2017-07-27T16:15:26.683

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93 Spouse wants to pay all debt in a month but I don’t. Is this a good idea? 2018-08-31T19:44:48.873


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