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203 Why did Hitler attack the Soviet Union when he was still busy fighting the United Kingdom? 2011-10-11T22:12:57.003

164 When did people decide that all caps means the writer is shouting? 2017-10-25T22:02:32.787

132 Why was France granted an equal status among victors of World War II? 2013-06-25T20:05:04.583

132 Did the ancients or other pre-industrial civilisations engage in unsustainable practices? 2017-11-15T10:13:57.447

126 Do historians agree that most wars are caused by religion? 2018-11-28T05:41:01.957

123 How do historians and linguists know how to pronounce the names from non-phonetic scripts? 2017-12-07T18:10:50.567

119 Why, in ancient battles, did being encircled mean defeat? 2017-08-20T19:20:15.287

115 Were there women who were against giving women the right to vote? 2016-07-19T03:31:52.110

114 Did China ever consider a phonetic writing system? 2018-06-13T16:56:22.577

111 On 1941 Dec 7, could Japan have targeted the Panama Canal instead of Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack? 2016-11-05T07:36:56.447

110 Why did Native Americans die from European diseases while Europeans didn't catch serious diseases from the New World? 2015-02-25T13:51:52.777

109 Why bother attacking castles at all? Why not go around? 2014-06-26T13:16:54.707

107 When did the allies find out about the killing of Jews during WW2 2017-06-20T20:15:30.217

106 Why are Germans referred to so differently in different languages? 2016-05-26T06:22:32.780

105 Did Adolf Hitler ever address the fact that his own appearance was almost an exact opposite of what he considered the ideal Aryan appearance? 2019-01-15T05:34:28.070

103 Why did archery not make a comeback when armor was phased out in the 18th century? 2014-09-23T18:20:31.783

103 Why did the Confederacy think they could win the American Civil War? 2018-10-21T19:59:41.120

102 Why was Poland spared from the Black Death? 2014-10-19T19:42:44.850

101 Why China was able to unify and not Europe? 2012-10-17T11:40:19.193

99 Has a sovereign Communist government ever run, and conceded loss, on a fair election? 2019-03-07T04:26:55.620

96 Why didn't Imperial Japan attack the Soviet Union during World War 2? 2011-10-11T20:28:09.197

96 Why were old fortifications shaped like stars and not like circles? 2017-02-27T10:33:07.483

93 What is the origin of 3 meals a day? 2018-09-20T09:49:09.140

91 Why does the United States keep using "old" date representations and imperial system, while being in the minority? 2014-03-17T12:01:44.833

91 Why didn't Germany blockade the Strait of Gibraltar during WW2? 2016-06-14T13:21:43.180

88 Did the ancient Greeks ever climb Mt. Olympus? 2016-06-04T16:11:33.180

88 Did medieval scholars believe the Earth was round? 2018-05-17T08:56:10.170

86 How did people distinguish slaves from free people in Ancient Rome? 2014-12-06T10:53:36.577

86 Did Bill Gates steal the GUI concept from Steve Jobs? 2016-08-03T10:56:11.913

86 How would a 16-year-old girl from Cleopatra's era curse? 2018-10-07T08:31:44.093

85 Why is the consensus that WW2 started on September 1, 1939 and not July 7, 1937? 2018-11-08T13:15:05.333

84 Did Russian winter seriously contribute to German defeat on the Eastern Front in WWII? 2018-06-26T16:18:42.147

84 Why did the British scuttle the u-boats surrendered after WWII? 2018-07-31T21:54:31.623

84 Why do western monotheistic religions seem to be so full of conflict over dogma? 2018-10-11T15:05:34.167

84 What is the first recorded dog name? 2020-01-04T16:38:47.480

83 Why did North America economically prosper, and maintain stable government and South/Central America didn't? 2017-03-30T15:52:57.897

83 Did medieval stores have names? 2019-11-03T07:22:36.550

82 How accurate or supported is Jared Diamond's "Guns, Germs, and Steel"? 2011-12-30T18:13:14.397

81 Why bother to attack in trench warfare? 2018-07-12T12:19:15.747

80 How much smaller were medieval farm animals in England than today? 2018-01-09T14:02:45.517

79 Why were ships-of-the line not supposed to open fire on frigates during fleet actions? 2016-04-03T18:23:49.890

78 Why didn't France and the UK invade Germany in September 1939? 2012-09-01T16:31:35.090

77 Where is the bloodiest square mile on Earth? 2018-06-08T04:28:53.547

77 Why exactly did telegraphs have to use "STOP" instead of a period and "QUOTE" instead of a quotation mark? (Or special codes.) 2020-02-13T00:39:10.987

76 Why, in the US, is Japanese brutality ignored compared with the Nazi brutality in WW2? 2013-07-15T09:20:45.793

76 Why weren't Indians converted en masse to Islam or Christianity? 2013-08-02T20:32:08.633

76 Is there any evidence to support the claim that the United States was "suckered into WW1" by Zionists, made by Benjamin Freedman in his 1961 speech? 2019-05-08T21:06:53.863

75 Cultural understanding of Penelope's suitors 2018-11-12T15:20:38.353

73 Why did Canada not join the American Revolution? 2011-10-22T12:20:31.110

73 Which culture used no personal names? 2019-10-07T11:16:22.330


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