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73 In John 1:1c, should the Greek word θεὸς be translated into English as “a god” or “God”? 2012-02-14T11:23:50.783

54 In Psalm 22:21 is the Bible speaking of "unicorns"? 2011-10-05T17:37:09.587

50 Does 1st Kings say that pi = 3? 2011-11-11T22:36:19.270

49 What is the difference between exegesis and hermeneutics? 2011-10-04T21:02:58.540

48 What does it mean to be "born of water"? 2011-10-06T15:07:42.707

46 In Judges 11:39-40 did Jephthah actually sacrifice his daughter? 2012-02-21T18:54:23.513

44 What language did Jesus commonly speak? 2011-10-10T19:52:06.147

42 Is "kill" a valid translation for Exodus 20:13 (Thou shalt not kill)? 2011-10-05T13:03:10.387

39 How do Jewish scholars differ from Christian scholars in their approach to the Tanakh? 2011-10-04T21:41:14.607

36 What were the Corinthians doing when they "baptized on behalf of the dead"? 2011-11-28T18:26:30.563

36 What were the historical reasons why the Book of Enoch was excluded from most Christian canons? 2014-04-15T13:47:37.683

35 Why is the Septuagint (LXX) significant? 2011-10-04T20:54:14.603

35 What was Jesus referring to by "the eye of the needle"? 2011-10-11T19:55:09.703

35 What does "image" in Genesis 1:26-27 mean? 2011-11-14T12:33:34.000

35 Does Romans 9:5 assert the deity of Christ? 2014-12-28T02:54:45.057

34 Did John know about the Synoptics? 2011-10-08T18:52:47.207

34 Are women really saved by childbearing according to 1 Timothy 2:15? 2012-05-09T19:05:11.370

33 Pre-Christian, Jewish interpretation of Psalm 22 2011-10-05T17:21:14.350

32 How can we ensure a given "chiasm" was intentional by the author, and is not merely fanciful eisegesis? 2013-06-24T00:54:13.843

31 What does "meek" mean in Matthew 5:5? 2011-10-04T19:46:55.457

31 In Genesis 22:5 why did Abraham say "We shall return" before sacrificing Isaac? 2018-03-27T11:55:48.133

30 Why does Adonai instruct us to not prepare a goat in its mother's milk? 2011-10-04T20:05:05.403

30 Arguments for early/late date of authorship of Daniel 2011-10-05T17:37:25.900

29 What are good contextual clues that a passage is meant to be read as hyperbole? 2011-10-04T20:45:41.973

29 Is NWT's translation of John 8:58 reasonable? 2011-10-06T09:33:23.263

29 What does Jesus mean by "generation" when talking about the destruction of the temple and the end of the age? 2011-10-12T13:06:54.177

28 Why is Isaiah 14:12-15 interpreted by some to refer to Satan? 2014-01-18T16:24:56.190

27 What role does the Holy Spirit play in hermeneutics? 2011-10-04T20:12:46.603

27 What does it mean for Jesus to fulfill the law? 2011-10-06T23:41:11.917

27 Interpretations of Elihu in Job 2011-10-07T17:44:36.783

27 What is “sin that leads to death” in 1 John 5:16? 2011-10-20T19:10:06.507

27 How does Jesus' argument from David and the showbread work? 2011-10-27T16:33:37.560

27 What did Jesus likely say in John 8:58? 2014-09-30T09:26:39.920

26 Should John 1:18 read "the only begotten God"? 2011-10-04T19:54:53.763

26 Does the meaning of πορνεία include premarital sex in 1 Corinthians 5-7? 2011-10-14T16:06:18.170

26 Is Leviticus 12 saying that giving birth to a child is a sin? 2011-10-21T19:03:03.047

25 In Revelation 20:14, what is meant by "Death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire"? 2011-10-04T22:09:41.353

25 Jesus' command to hate your father and mother in Luke 14:26 2011-10-04T22:39:37.427

25 What does the prohibition against women speaking in church in 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 mean? 2011-10-05T22:32:58.227

25 Who are the "gods" in "You are gods" in John 10:30-36? 2011-10-07T18:18:06.497

25 What does "born again" from John 3:3 mean? 2011-10-21T17:37:07.000

25 What is the difference in the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God? 2013-02-20T17:29:13.917

24 In Luke 22:44 did Jesus actually sweat blood? 2011-10-05T13:23:49.820

24 How are concubines different than wives? 2013-09-06T00:46:10.060

24 Who is the Artaxerxes of Ezra 7? 2014-02-15T20:49:20.163

23 What translation best translates the word "vanity" (in the KJV) in Ecclesiastes? 2011-10-04T19:45:59.847

23 What is the significance of '14 generations' in Matthew’s account of Jesus's genealogy? 2012-01-30T19:22:24.100

23 Jacob's name is Israel. So why is he still called Jacob? 2012-02-02T18:00:29.593

23 Why pray, "lead us not into temptation"? 2012-02-07T08:59:10.737

23 Does Gen 1:1 refer to day 1 or the entire 6 days of creation? 2012-02-16T18:19:04.823


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