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143 Super Mario Galaxy problem 2011-05-02T00:01:08.940

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127 How hard is unshuffling a string? 2010-08-16T21:12:44.327

121 Advice on good research practices 2010-11-13T10:03:50.480

116 Examples of the price of abstraction? 2010-08-26T04:00:28.020

115 What Lecture Notes Should Everyone Read? 2011-01-04T08:15:04.973

109 Solid applications of category theory in TCS? 2010-09-04T09:20:47.877

102 How do the state-of-the-art pathfinding algorithms for changing graphs (D*, D*-Lite, LPA*, etc) differ? 2012-06-27T22:06:19.597

101 What are the recent TCS books whose drafts are available online? 2010-12-05T02:01:02.293

98 A simple decision problem whose decidability is not known 2013-09-04T02:24:16.113

95 List of TCS conferences and workshops 2011-08-21T17:29:22.043

90 What is the contribution of lambda calculus to the field of theory of computation? 2014-03-23T19:20:25.640

88 What would it mean to disprove Church-Turing thesis? 2010-08-17T02:48:26.173

86 What kind of mathematical background is needed for complexity theory? 2010-10-31T02:57:11.570

83 What is the actual time complexity of Gaussian elimination? 2010-12-21T22:46:15.053

83 Was the reduction in Shor's algorithm originally discovered by Shor? 2014-08-13T14:55:55.107

80 Funny TCS-related papers etc? 2010-11-18T03:07:16.040

78 Are research papers hard to read? 2010-12-19T21:02:39.283

78 Techniques for Reversing the Order of Quanti´Čüers 2011-01-21T22:58:19.760

77 Examples of "Unrelated" Mathematics Playing a Fundamental Role in TCS? 2010-10-04T18:50:01.507

77 What would a very simple quantum program look like? 2011-12-12T06:29:55.340

76 Uses of algebraic structures in theoretical computer science 2012-03-30T20:02:16.587

72 Powerful Algorithms too complex to implement 2011-01-23T01:23:09.860

70 How important is knowing how to program for TCS? 2011-11-07T16:09:07.363

68 Which interesting theorems in TCS rely on the Axiom of Choice? (Or alternatively, the Axiom of Determinacy?) 2010-10-04T21:38:40.273

68 Are runtime bounds in P decidable? (answer: no) 2011-02-18T16:49:38.677

67 Are $PSPACE$-complete problems inherently less tractable than $NP$-complete problems? 2011-03-07T13:52:03.777

65 What are good references to understanding the proof of the PCP theorem? 2010-08-16T21:46:47.660

65 How do I referee a paper? 2010-10-03T14:44:03.163

65 Polynomial-time algorithms with huge exponent/constant 2011-05-19T12:03:37.647

64 Applications of topology to computer science 2010-11-11T23:17:58.857

64 More on PH in PP? 2010-11-26T09:16:05.413

64 Common false beliefs in theoretical computer science 2010-12-07T09:11:26.463

64 Are there any open problems left about DFAs? 2014-05-11T01:50:48.263

63 Problems that can be used to show polynomial-time hardness results 2010-09-14T02:56:26.747

63 The origin of the notion of treewidth 2011-02-19T14:32:48.180

63 Why is 2SAT in P? 2011-06-05T18:59:37.673

63 Why does Fourier analysis of Boolean functions "work"? 2012-09-21T06:16:00.490

62 Applications of TCS to classical mathematics? 2010-08-17T14:34:09.410

62 One Stack, Two Queues 2010-10-30T12:13:44.647

61 Parameterized complexity from P to NP-hard and back again 2010-12-02T19:12:37.823


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