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170 How is it that taking a break from a problem sometimes allows you to figure out the answer? 2012-01-18T20:25:50.403

94 Why do humans have sex in private? 2012-08-20T23:15:55.387

69 Does writing something down help memorize it? 2012-01-19T13:02:59.080

69 What makes people easily subscribe to pseudoscientific theories? 2012-08-16T19:18:05.757

62 Is leg jiggling a focus aid? 2012-02-02T14:49:00.407

57 By learning to read and write upside down, what did I do to myself? 2012-02-01T13:58:57.367

56 Does evidence support Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? 2012-01-25T16:25:07.447

55 Can critical thinking be taught? 2012-07-10T22:08:33.937

52 If babies were isolated, would they develop their own language? 2017-12-21T18:42:00.383

51 Is Golden Ratio's association with perceived beauty a myth? 2012-09-10T10:02:01.537

50 What are current neuronal explanations and models of 'consciousness'? 2012-06-02T03:29:10.107

47 Does caffeine improve performance for habituated consumers? 2012-01-21T02:31:38.453

44 Is the Myer Briggs Type indicator (MBTI) a reasonable scientific theory? 2012-07-07T15:53:30.937

43 Why would the brain flip the images perceived by your eyes? 2012-02-09T00:15:45.490

40 What is the current "accepted" science behind dream interpretation? 2012-03-27T14:57:17.857

39 Online data repository of research in the cognitive sciences 2012-01-19T00:22:16.860

38 What is the psychology behind trolling? 2012-01-19T23:14:49.907

37 Is multitasking a myth? 2013-06-23T23:18:05.170

33 Is there evidence that listening to music can aid/hinder concentration or performance? 2012-02-11T16:54:05.840

33 Is The magical number 7 still valid? 2012-03-31T11:07:48.260

33 How valid is Lumosity's Brain Performance Index and what normative information is available? 2012-10-01T19:33:01.870

32 Neural networks with biologically plausible accounts of neurogenesis 2012-01-31T02:46:15.983

32 What are good examples of applying dynamical systems in cognitive science? 2012-02-05T23:46:07.767

32 Do students exhibit rational behavior in determining study time? 2011-10-13T16:53:43.920

30 Why do you sometimes write down one word while actually intending to write another? 2012-01-22T19:37:53.227

30 What is the most effective maximum work duration per day? 2013-09-05T11:57:43.660

30 What color is this dress? -- And why do some see it as white and gold and others see it as black and blue? 2015-02-27T04:23:36.550

29 Open source software for running Internet psychological experiments that collect reaction time data 2012-01-21T01:07:00.680

29 Does learning one discipline improve performance in another discipline? 2012-01-30T07:02:06.840

29 How are newly created neurons recruited into existing networks? 2012-02-08T04:00:54.177

29 How long should I work before taking a break? 2013-05-09T21:36:52.513

28 Why do higher incentives lead to lower performance for non-rudimentary tasks? 2012-01-18T21:09:13.490

28 What is an effective metric of complexity for an Artificial Neural Network? 2012-02-03T02:13:10.840

28 Can you catch up on sleep over the weekend? 2012-05-13T15:13:07.297

28 Is there psychoactive music? 2012-11-14T21:31:21.623

27 Perception of time as a function of age 2012-01-22T21:33:57.203

27 Is pedophilia a sexual orientation or a mental disorder? 2012-03-10T23:33:57.600

27 The effects of bilingualism on colour perception 2012-06-25T03:36:06.510

27 Have the abilities of John Lorber's patients with limited cortical mass been further evaluated in adulthood? 2012-07-15T15:52:40.323

26 Have ideas of "gamification" been applied to education? 2012-01-19T03:00:50.570

26 Is there a term for individuals who can "visualize" numbers and advanced mathematics? 2012-01-26T20:34:06.890

26 Why does the human visual system produce a bright patch after staring at a bright light source and looking away? 2011-08-31T10:25:34.877

26 What are some of the drawbacks to probabilistic models of cognition? 2012-03-15T05:09:20.323

26 Is the Neanderthal Theory of Autistic brain a reasonable scientific theory? 2012-06-27T20:16:04.203

26 How is intelligence correlated to beauty? 2013-05-15T13:46:51.827

26 Is extreme empathy and compassion considered a disorder? 2013-12-06T02:09:01.453

25 Are spaced flashcards effective for learning? 2012-02-22T19:11:57.250

25 How can I create computer based psychology experiments using OS X? 2012-02-28T12:22:12.747

24 Does language and/or culture affect an individual's cognitive capacity? 2012-02-01T08:30:12.083

24 Is there experimental support for John Perry's "Theory of Structured Procrastination"? 2012-02-12T02:38:11.837


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