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115 What is the Biblical basis for the doctrine of the Trinity? 2011-08-23T20:52:48.263

109 What is the biblical basis for the claim that abortion is immoral? 2011-11-11T19:04:21.173

96 How were people saved prior to 33 AD? 2011-09-02T20:03:05.890

91 Can there be free will in heaven? 2011-08-30T21:21:32.717

86 Can I believe in evolution and still be a Christian? 2011-08-23T22:22:19.070

84 Why do some Christians believe it is moral to be a homosexual? 2011-08-24T18:29:10.180

83 When the Bible talks about wine does it mean alcoholic wine? 2011-08-23T19:44:08.127

78 What major translations of the Bible are in the Public Domain? 2013-05-31T13:11:22.297

69 What happens to people who have never heard about Jesus? 2011-09-02T10:03:03.160

69 Why didn't C.S. Lewis convert to Catholicism? 2011-09-13T21:08:03.240

67 How is Christ's death so significant? 2011-09-07T22:46:00.643

63 Praying to people outside the Trinity 2011-08-23T19:27:59.170

63 Does Jesus ever claim to be God, or the son of God? 2011-11-04T16:46:57.370

62 Why does Judaism celebrate Sabbath on Saturday and most Christians celebrate Sabbath on Sunday? 2011-08-23T18:45:39.270

60 Will suicide keep me out of Heaven? 2011-08-30T21:52:29.147

59 The Bible seems to allow polygamy. Why doesn't the church? 2011-08-23T22:18:16.013

56 What is the biblical basis to claim that masturbation is a sin? 2011-08-23T20:12:57.760

56 What is the basis for saying Christians and Muslims worship the same God? 2011-08-29T12:53:27.717

53 Atheism is the default position. Isn't the burden of proof on the Christian to assert that God exists? 2011-08-25T01:57:19.523

53 What is the Biblical basis for the concept that Jesus spent time in Hell? 2011-08-25T08:33:02.710

52 Why is Christianity considered a monotheistic religion? 2011-08-31T09:08:56.990

51 How to answer "Why do evil and suffering exist?" 2011-08-24T12:54:24.233

51 How did all the animals fit into Noah's ark? 2011-08-31T06:29:48.157

51 If Adam and Eve were perfect, why did they choose to sin? 2011-08-31T12:28:54.883

51 Why don't many churches obey Paul's command that women must be silent in church? 2011-09-05T15:13:04.660

50 Is saying "Oh My God" really using God's name in vain? 2011-08-29T01:51:35.847

50 The Tyranny of the Weaker Brother 2011-09-01T02:35:22.473

50 How do young earth creationists reconcile the age of the universe with the speed of light, and visible distant objects? 2011-09-16T20:25:01.020

49 Where does the concept of a "God-shaped hole" originate? 2011-09-13T18:33:05.183

49 Was baptism practiced before Christ? 2012-08-19T15:42:30.543

48 How is the Christian Jesus different from the Muslim Jesus? 2011-08-24T22:36:14.180

48 Why are Matthew, Mark, and Luke called the synoptic gospels? 2011-08-30T14:51:13.003

46 Is "Mormon" a disrespectful term? 2012-05-30T17:19:53.783

45 What is the basis of my fractured understanding of "Sola Scriptura"? 2011-08-23T18:30:09.477

45 What is the biblical justification for permitting female pastors? 2011-08-23T22:01:41.813

44 If the Ten Commandments say “thou shalt not kill” how can a Christian fight in a war? 2011-08-23T20:14:35.393

44 What is an overview of the main interpretations of "day" in Genesis 1? 2011-08-26T05:00:23.747

44 When did the prohibition of marriage for priests in the Catholic church originate? 2011-11-07T13:10:59.097

43 How were the books of the New Testament chosen? 2011-08-23T19:26:30.120

43 How long was Jesus in the tomb? 2011-08-24T06:37:05.010

43 Biblical basis for baptism as a prerequisite for salvation 2011-08-24T15:11:20.597

43 What is unique about Christianity? 2011-10-09T19:05:50.397

40 What do Christians mean by a "personal relationship" with Jesus? 2011-08-25T03:14:32.343

40 How do Christians understand the omniscience of God in relation to the Uncertainty Principle? 2011-09-01T20:09:25.220

40 Jesus predicts that some will not die until he comes in his kingdom, but did this occur? 2011-09-02T20:02:41.463

40 Does God have a sense of humor? Does he laugh? 2011-09-23T14:38:29.517

39 How is ignoring clear Biblical instructions in Leviticus justified? 2011-08-23T19:52:06.637

39 What is the biblical basis for Jesus being God incarnate? 2011-08-23T21:00:12.367

39 Why are there so many translations of the Bible? 2011-08-30T12:51:26.387

39 Why was Lot "let off the hook" for offering his daughters to be raped? 2011-09-12T17:26:08.860


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